I am Rima das Pradhan-Blach, an international affairs specialist with nearly 25 years of field experience. I am of Nepali origin, an Australian and resident in Denmark.


As a citizen of the world, with a vast array of experiences, I bring practical, context-specific solutions in complex situations, while understanding international and national political priorities.


I have a demonstrated track record in not only delivering at pace but also in multi-track diplomacy at international and national levels. I know I am best at being a bridge between different worlds, bringing people together, thinking out of the box to deliver results.


I have been a Strategic and Senior Adviser to Heads of Governments, as well as senior diplomats and officials within a range of institutions and projects supported by them.


Over the years, I have gained skills in translating political goals, into shaping public policy internationally, and nationally, and then to developing concrete projects leading implementation in complex environments.


Most recently, I served as the Country Director for the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Somalia, leading a team delivering a complex portfolio of stipends payments to the Somali National Army, and Police, infrastructure planning and delivery, stabilisation, renewable energy, and shaping implementation by being deeply engaged in the strategic policy space.


Being legally trained, underpinned by an undergraduate degree in human ecology, both from the Australian National University - I continued to use my extensive field experience in primarily Fragile and Conflicted Affected Countries (FCAS) to reflect on issues through a Masters in Policy Administration from Georgetown University, Public Policy Institute in 2003.



I have provided technical advice, coached leaders across the board and led efforts on:


  • Public administration reform, including public financial management, decentralisation and civil service reform
  • Strengthening state institutions to improve service delivery in sectors such as health, education, water
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Sustainable development of productive sectors and creating enabling environments for private sector development particularly in FCAS settings
  • Promotion of renewable energy and improving access to cheap and reliable energy to promote security, service delivery and economic development
  • Justice sector and security sector reform, including improving access to justice and security
  • Establishing accountable, flexible bi-lateteral and mulltilateral funds, including catalytic funds for all of the above
  • Anti-corruption
  • Stabilisation and durable solutions
  • Youth employment and migration
  • Working on innovative durable solutions to promote resilience to address long-term humanitarian issues


I have worked in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, and the USA.


Most of all I am an adventurer, with an indominatble curiousity about the world and people.






Vester Voldgade 4, 3, 1552 Copenhagen - V, DENMARK / + 45 2877 2204 / +45 2330 5723 / rima@ialc.dk

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